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VicTORIous Femslash

Because girls are better together.

Victorious Femslash
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A community for femslash involving the girls of the Nick show Victorious.
This is a community about the girls that grace the screen in the show Victorious which is on Nickelodeon. This community is here for mostly one purpose, the slashing of these various characters because, well, they're just so slashable. This means that the type of posts that this community will be showing will be of the femslash variety.
We hope this is not a problem. If it is, then you can not become a member, no hard feelings.

If not, we welcome you!
This is a place where people should be comfortable sharing their fanfiction or their theories about these characters. Please realize that this is a femslash community and will not tolerate people who act negatively to the idea of femslash, whether for this show or other shows or persons. If there is any of that kind of behaviour there will be no hesitation in banning you from the community.
1. Respect every single person, whether you care for them or not.
2. Use lj-cuts for all fics (there is a post about how your entry should be formatted). If your entry is image heavy, place one photo before the cut and the rest behind it.
3. All posts must be about Victorious and more specifically the girls of Victorious being gay somehow, and about their relationships together. This could be subtext (we love it!) within an episode, something said in an interview or whatever is written in fanfiction.
4. PLEASE tag all posts appropriately. (If you create something for the first time, a tag with your name will be created for you).
Your mods are
Kirsten thefantasmickah


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